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Mickey Mouse 100 Years

Join us in celebrating the past, present and future of Disney 100 Years of Wonder in the 2023 Centennial year. This is a  commemorative edition piece. It has been designed and created by pop artist Romero Britto especially for this most magical milestone.  This Mickey Mouse 100 years figurine will be so collectible. A wonderful Christmas present for the Disney lover in your life.

Do you love collecting Disney pieces? This is the one for you. then.  There is a large collection of anniversary pieces which are black and white, some are just white. This one shows the black and white but it has a little of then distinctive Britto colours on it. On his right ear, there’s the nod to the anniversary of this hugely popular figure.

Size H 20.3cm.

W 14.3cm.

D 12.1cm.


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